25 Memes That Perfectly Capture the Commute Struggle

Commuting can be quite annoying and time-consuming, but it does provide plenty of meme material. Take a look at these 25 amusing memes that all commuters will relate to.

The struggle is real: distracted boyfriend meme, but the boyfriend is “Leaving for work on time” and the distractions are “Every single red light.”

Sleep-deprived squad: a bleary-eyed sloth clinging to a branch labeled “Weekend” with the caption “Me trying to hold onto the last shred of sleep during my Monday morning commute.”

Music to my ears… Not: woman yelling at cat meme. Woman: “Enjoying peace and quiet on my commute.” cat: “Person blasting music on speakerphone.”

Personal space? What personal space? Two grumpy penguins crammed together on a tiny ice floe. Caption: “Trying to maintain personal space on a crowded train.”

The fashion forecast is crowded. Surprise pikachu meme. Pikachu’s face: “Me realizing I forgot to wear deodorant this morning.” caption: “Stepping onto a packed bus during rush hour.”

The commute is a marathon, not a sprint: success kid meme. Kid: “Me remembering I packed snacks for the commute.” caption: “Adulting level: expert.”

Escape pod engaged: daydreaming patrick meme (from spongebob squarepants). Background: your crowded commute. Patrick’s thought bubble: “Island getaway.”

When your outfit matches your mood: Gru’s Plan meme (from Despicable Me). Gru: “Look miserable on my commute.” caption: “Nailed it.”

The never-ending story: a long hallway scene from the shining. Caption: “My commute every single day.”

Internal screaming intensifies: a woman yelling at a cat meme, but reversed. Woman (calm exterior): “Everything is fine.” cat (internal screaming): “We’re going to be late!”

The art of the commuter shuffle: confused math lady meme. Math equation: “Trying to walk past people on a crowded train without making physical contact.” answer: “Impossible.”

Low battery, low energy: phone battery meme with a red bar. Caption: “My energy level by the end of my commute.”

That awkward moment: socially awkward penguin meme. Penguin: “Accidentally making eye contact with someone you know on the bus.”

Packing like a pro: a woman yelling at a cat meme. Woman: “Leaving for work with a light bag.” cat: “Everything I might possibly need today (and tomorrow).”

The commute is a petri dish—a man looking sickly green. Caption: “Me after surviving rush hour during cold and flu season.”

Priorities: drakeposting memes. Drake disapproves: “Getting a full 8 hours of sleep.” Drake approves: “Snuggling that extra 10 minutes in bed and braving a crowded commute.”

Retail therapy for the commute soul: the scrooge Mcduck meme swimming in money. Money: “Coffee.” caption: “The only thing that gets me through the morning commute.”

The commute is a performance: a woman yelling at a cat meme. Woman: “Trying to look put-together when I get to work.” cat: “What my commute actually looked like.”

The soundtrack of suffering: Mr. . Krabs meme (from SpongeBob SquarePants). Mr. Krabs: “Money.” caption: “The sound of the horn every time someone cuts me off in traffic.”

The power of positive thinking: a motivational poster with a sunrise and the text “You got this!” caption: “I’m trying to convince myself that I actually enjoy commuting.”

The commute is a test: a woman yelling at a cat meme. Woman: “Trying to stay patient during a traffic jam.” cat: “The guy who cuts you off anyway.”

The commute is a journey (of self-discovery): Dora the Explorer meme. Dora: “Do you want to take the bus or the train today?” caption: “I’m internally debating the best way to avoid traffic.”

Those weekend vibes hit differently: the Kermit the Frog drinking tea meme. Kermit: “I’m finally arriving home after a long commute.”

A love-hate relationship: the success kid meme. Kid: “Making it to work on time despite a terrible commute.” Enjoy our 10 Memes Introverts Will Instantly Relate.

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